2:365 :: art sprint


An offhand comment, a challenge issued, a time stated. At 3.30, the alloted half hour, I set two small people up with paper and paint, as Master 6 read with his daddy. I pulled out the canvases, tucked in the back of the drawer, and ferreted through my paint box for the four tubes I had in mind. A squeeze, and a snake of colour spread over the paper. Not quite right, and I start mixing. Still, it could be better, but it’s all I have. Not quite right, versus not done. I loaded the brush and started laying in colour, wiping away the stark whiteness of a fresh canvas, replacing it with colour. Yellow. Lime. Turquoise. Set to one side, I pullup files on my computer, find what I’m looking for, and hit print. The children become restless, start running in and out of the room. What’s this mummy? Look at me! Can I…? The time is up, the stop button is hit. Twenty minutes, a virtual paint in with friends. Enough.

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