bookworms {235::366}

Walking in to preschool, a table filled with books greeted us, and a sign announced the book fair as part of book week. Master Three raced over, and right on top, lay a Dinosaur Hot Wheels book, quickly snatched up into eager young hands and cuddled against his chest. “I has the Dinothaur book, pwease, mummy? I LOVE dinothaurs!!”, the big blue eyes looked into mine, pleading. Reluctantly, he lay it back on the table, not convinced that the book would still be waiting for him tomorrow when we came again, and mummy would come prepared with some money and buy it for him. Leaving in the afternoon, he gazed longingly at the table, and then, as we passed another family at the gate, the tears started. Those people were going to buy that dinosaur book, he was sure of it. Upon our return, of course, there was no dinosaur book, but thankfully, right at the bottom of the spare box inside, we found the last copy, and he grinned all the way home, his brand new book not leaving his hand for a minute. Of course, Mater Five and Little Miss needed books too. Just like their mama, all threee are bookworms, and as soon as we arrived home, all three scattered, and were soon absorbed in the stories, the silence broken only by the whisper of turning pages.


{joining in this week with Thankful Thursday, because I am so thankful to have such wonderful children, and that they love nothing better than a story. Or ten.}

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