the one where the boys tidy the toy room.


Arriving home in the dark, I dump my bags on the bed, and sneak down the hallway to softly kiss my babies as they slept. Leaning over Master Five, little arms sneak around my neck and he pulls me close, telling me how he missed me. Master Three stirs, and begs me to lay with him, just for a moment, he’s having trouble sleeping, though the sleepiness in his voice and the steady breathing as I’d entered the room gave the lie to his ruse. But still, I lay with him, snuggling in close. I kiss him goodnight, and tiptoe into Little Miss’s room, and leave a whisper of a kiss on her cheek, willing her not to wake. I make my way back to the loungeroom, and passing the toyroom, can’t help but be impressed at the incredibly clean floor. Then I walk into the room…


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