sleepy beauty

Sitting in front of my sewing machine, my little project takes shape. The seam finished, I pull the fabric from the machine, and turn towards the hissing iron behind me. I peel the fabric back,and as I pick up the iron, I hear her. The tiniest of whimpers. As I continue to press my work, the whimpers grow to a grizzle, then a cry. I pull the plug from the wall, and go to my daughter. She quiets as I lean down to pick her up from the nest of swaddling she’d created with her kicking. I hold her close, and the tears cease. She nuzzles into my neck, snuffling, mouthing a hint that she thinks a feed wouldn’t be amiss. Pulling her wrap from the cot, I lay her on our bed, and swaddle her tightly. With her little hands tucked away, and only her tiny round face showing, she looks like a little caterpillar. She looks up at me as I rock her in my arms. Her eyes grow heavy, andin her last moments of wakefulness, her nose crinkles, and her face erupts into a cheeky grin. I smile back at her, and happy in the knowledge she made mummy smile, she drifts off to sleep.





9 thoughts on “sleepy beauty

  1. I came over from Shutter sisters. These photos are beautiful and so are you. Enjoy that tiny baby. They grow so fast!

  2. These are so beautiful. I so wish I had similar photos of myself with my boys at that age. I suppose that it’s never to late to start. Thanks for sharing. Seen on SS. :)

  3. here from SS today, such precious portraits of a mama and her baby – that’s what I see :) She will treasure them all when she is older!

  4. I, too came from SS and I agree wholeheartedly with everyone. Beautiful mama and beautiful baby. These are very precious pictures.

  5. Pretty. Beautiful. Stylish. Full of heart. Your post from Shutter Sisters brought me here. My oldest son turns seventeen today. Your daughter will see the love in these photos. Hold her tight and get in front of that camera more often. You shine.

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