1:365 ~ a new year, a new project

dayone copy

Slowly, I am pulled from sleep, into disorienting half-consciousness. The children are still sleeping, the last light eking from the glowsticks hung from the ends of bed, and I look around, trying to work out what disturbed me, when I hear it again. Several low thuds in quick succession, before a nearby dog barks. More thuds. A quick check of my phone & I realise 2015 is upon us.

A new year, fresh & open before us, waiting for us to write our stories on it. A new year full of moments to cherish & memories to make. Welcome to my 2015.



The house is still, and almost silent. The small girl is asleep in her bed. The boys are sprawled on the lounge, watching a movie and pretending they aren’t tired. The freshness of the dawn of a new day and a new year has given way to the heat of a typical summer day, and it is draining us of the motivation to do much at all. I grab my book and lay down,slowly flicking the pages as the words start dancing on the page, and my eyes grow heavy. The moment passes, and my reading picks up pace, and I find myself at the end of the chapter. Reluctantly, I slip in my bookmark, and close the book, ready to enjoy an afternoon by the pool with my three precious small people.



days 6 & 7…

We’ve had a busy weekend, with fence building, front door replacing, sewing and all-round general house transforming. Three cheers for my army of merry men (and women) who helped us out and got mammoth amounts of work done this weekend. Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow…

mr. speilberg {1::366}

I hear the beep of the Flip being played. Soon the giggles reach fever pitch, with an undertone of daddy’s hearty chuckle. “Mummy, come watch this!”, the cry comes, in between fits of giggles. I take the offered camera, and the video starts rolling. I hear Master 5’s voice, as he wanders up the stairs, looking for daddy. Without warning, the screen is filled with two fingers, and the voice changes from questioning, to high pitched, as the fingers start wiggling, and take on characters. I giggle along with the storyline, as the “brothers” bicker on their walk through the kitchen. A new day, a new year, and a new reminder to count my blessings, and revel in the delight that is childhood.

Happy new year everyone!

an exciting announcement…

Introducing me&she&him – my new etsy store! You can find me at http://rachelmeszaros.etsy.com

Why me&she&him? It’s inspired by one of my main inspirations – Boy1! He’s four going on forty, and an incessant chatterbox. He was chatting away as usual in the kitchen one evening, and announce “we” were going on holidays. Who is? I ask. “me and she and him” he explains to me, with the withering look only a four-year-old can perfect, that lets me know I am possibly the densest person he has ever met.

And the quirky turn of phrase stuck with me. As I was planning my store, I know I wanted a name inspired by these three precious souls that we have been blessed with, without being too “mumsy”. When I heard Oskar’s description of himself and sister and brother, I knew it was just what I’d been looking for.



Grumpy, tired, and over the whole Mothers Day bit, she popped her fingers in her mouth and started sucking furiously. A few small cries, soon soothed with a rock and a bounce. Her eyelids drooped, flicked open, then closed once more as sleep overtook her. Oblivious to the world around her, she slept peacefully on her aunty’s chest. An attempt to put her to bed failed, and aunty resigned herself to holding little miss for the whole nap. Not that she really seemed to need much convincing…


what public holiday? {26::365}

Even at 6am, the promise (threat?) of a scorchingly hot day was lingering in the air. By 7.30, the baby was fed and back in bed, and with our daggiest painting clothes on, we were ready to start. A roller each, a tray of paint. Lights flicked on, and away we went. The light at the end of the tunnel that is renovations is growing brighter. The kitchen is being finished tomorrow, the bathroom is nearly complete, the floors are nearly ready to be tiled. Can you guess we are just a wee bit excited? After years of dreaming, wishing, planning, it’s just about time. Our dream home is taking shape before our eyes, and soon, very soon, it will be finished. Our dream home, to live in, love in, laugh in.