I see you, watching me, watching you…

Just before Christmas, I met up with a bunch of cute little people and their mum & dad to capture some family portraits. I wanted to do something fun, and being part way through a vintange camera Advent photo challenge, I brought along my little Brownie Starlet (circa 1950’s), and we had a play.


Sometime though, the best props are the spontaneous ones, like a piece of bark as a moustache. Smooth, little dude, very smooth.

And little mister watched the goings-on from his safe perch high up in daddy’s arms, wondering what all the fuss was about. Din;t you just want to smmoch those gorgeous little cheeks!

I have been very slack in my blogging, but I have a couple more sessions to blog about, and some very fun new projects coming up in 2011. Want to keep up to date? Why not follow me on Facebook?

From white Christmas to…

With a last wave to my two little boys and my husband holding our tiny baby daughter, I headed out of town to meet a very sweet little family who have not long returned from a 3.5 year stint in Canada. The brief for the session was “something rural” to show the folks in Canada. With all the rain we’ve been having, it was a beautiful sight to see the recently brown paddocks turned a glorious green.

I just wanted to share a couple of my favourites from our session…

Big cuddles!

Quite often, my favourite images are the little moments, unposed, unscripted, unrehearsed.

A quiet moment between a mummy and her little boy.

Seniors 2010

On Saturday, we finally had a break in the rain, and just in time – I was due to meet up with a couple of super-cute year twelve students to shoot their seniors mini-sessions. Caitlin and Casey were so much fun to shoot, I think I laughed the entire time!

A sneak peek of what we came up with:

Year 12 Class of 2010 portrait mini sessions Mini portrait sessions for year 12 students - great gift idea!

The next round of mini-sessions will be held in Inverell on September 18. For more information, or to register, you can reach me by email at rachel[at]rachelmeszaros.com.au, or by phone on 0404 009 468.

(Not in Inverell? Don’t be shy, drop me an email and we’ll see if we can set something up in your area!).

I love a sunburnt country.

On a searing summer day, with an orange haze hovering in the sky, I slowly prepared for the afternoon’s session. An early morning phone call had brought the news that a bushfire had passed within around 5km of our location, and our subject had been out all night fighting the fire.

Text messages back and forth, a constant eye on the RFS website, and by 2pm, we decided we would go ahead. I jumped in the car, and headed for Bingara. The haze from the smoke hung low and heavy over the mountains. The further I drove from Inverell, the heavier the smoke got. I drove past scorched earth, covered with nothing but ash and blackened trees. Reaching my destination, I realised it was merely the colour that changed – from scorched earth covered in nothing but dust and a few spindles of dried grass. Like many areas in rural NSW, the drought is clinging on tenaciously around the Northern New England region, sucking any and all moisture from the ground.

As the heat beat down upon as, we blitzed through the shoot, creating images destined to become stock images in a commercial photo library, before dashing back to the shelter of the farmhouse, and a very cold glass of water. Never have I been so glad for air-conditioning, as I packed my bags and turned the car towards home.

This is the outlook from the farm where we were shooting between Bingara and Warialda.


And this landscape is a more personal image, shot closer to Delungra. This is an image for me, and my mum, shot very near the property she grew up on. It is alot more heavily processed than most of my images, but isn’t that what personal shots are all about?rmp-b2

Sweet 6-month session

On Saturday, I headed out to meet a sweet little boy on his half-birthday, and capture some portraits to celebrate hbeing halfway to his first birthday.

Isn’t he a little cutie?

Inverell baby portraiture

And my favourite type of family portrait – relaxed and comfortable

family portraits inverell

Horsing around…

I’m tad behind on blogging, but just wanted to quickly share this sweet image from Ssturday’s session. After a late night on Friday night photographing the Inverell High Year 12 formal at the RSM Club, I repacked my camera bag, loaded up the car, and with the stereo blasting, I headed out to Mt Russell on Saturday afternoon for a family portrait shoot, and after we’d done the various groups, Miss K was desperate for a photo with her beloved horse.

Mt Russell family portraits

More to come soon!

Jasmine :: Year 12 Mini-Session

I recently met up with Jasmine for a quick portrait mini-session as part of my year 12 student promotion, and knocked out some pretty cool urban-style portraits.

year 12 mini session
urban Inverell portraits

{as an aside, if you are in year 12 & are interested in a mini-session, the next round is happening on October 7, in various locations around Inverell. Email me at rachel[at]rachelmeszaros.com.au for more info or to make a booking. Year 11 students, I’m now taking a waiting list for early next year! These sessions are lots of fun, and I also offer gift vouchers if you are looking for the perfect gift for a student finishing year 12.}

Debbie :: Portrait Session

I met up with Debbie on Monday to shoot some portraits, after she’d spent a lovely afternoon being pampered, having her hair & make-up done, and also having a stylist on hand to help her pick some great looks for her session.

We started at one of Inverell’s many lovely parks, and photographed some lovely relaxed, casual portraits.

Isn’t she beautiful?





After a quick trip back to the salon, I met a very glamourous Debie at our second location for some fashion-inspired portraits


This girl oozes style!


Debbie, I had a blast doing your portraits, I’ll be in touch soon with the rest of your photos.

Holding tight, letting go.

One of the things I love most about photography is the ability to freeze a moment in time. To distill a memory into tangible form. Something to be looked at, reminisced over, laughter & tears relived. So when a very dear friend of mine announced she was moving away, I was deeply touched to be commissioned to provide her and her family with a series of landscapes to bring with them as they set off on this new adventure. So while they embrace the future, they are still holding on to the gorgeous home where they built a house, built a family, built their dreams.


Witha veiw like this, I’m not surprised they want to take as much of it with them as possible:



One of the essentials in the brief was to capture the old railway line that runs through the base of their property



And just for fun, I got this shot of a delightful, free-spirited little two-year-old who holds a special place in my heart.


Not a traditional portrait, by far, but it is very “her”. I also did baby photos for this wild soul almost two year ago now, which I blogged here.


Dearest K, you will be greatly missed. I hope these images help to ease the transistion to your new home. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Much love, Rxx

So I lied…

…when I said in my initial teaser post from Jon and Ang’s wedding, that one of those images was my favourite wedding image.


*This* one is my favourite, with a late aternoon glow, and the beautiful Kings Plains Castle in the background:



And I’m a bit partial to this one, from earlier in the day, when Ang’s dad came in while the girls were getting ready