Wild horses…

With two gorgeous Calamity Bolt fillies coming for a holiday, we had plenty of chances to create some beuatiful photos. The first shoot I’ve already blogged, and having waited to unveil the rest of the images at the Armidale Baby Expo way back in September, I haven’t had an opportunity to sit down and blog the rest, from the main shoot which was the original concept pitched!

These images really speak to my heart – not only is that my two beautiful boys having a blast playing with the horses, but these photos were shot in the same spot my husband and I had our wedding photos taken, very near the property I grew up on.

Thank you once again Elke, for entrusting me with your beautiful creations. For those who haven’t yet discovered the delightfulness that is Guyra-based Calamity Bolt, do yourself a favour and take a gander at the madeit store or the Facebook page.

High Horses…

Having a bit of sticky beak at other stallholders at the upcoming Armidale Baby Expo (more on that later!), I came across the gorgeous handcrafted hobby horses made by Guyra-based business, Calamity Bolt. I was instantly in love. The beautiful details, the old-fashioned simplicity, I knew I wanted one. But when I got in touch with owner and artisan, Elke, it seemed that due to a few since-resolved supplier issues, she wouldn’t be able to make enough stock for the expo.

Which got me thinking. Clickity-click went the little cogs in my mind, and soon enough, a short little email was sent, and soon blossomed in vibrant reality. Two of the “stud” horses appeared on my front verandah for a holiday and a play, and playing we have been!

These images are from the first of two completed shoots I’ve done, and I have another one or two planned. They’ll be featuring on a new product I’ll be debuting at the Armidale Baby Expo. A new product, some beautiful images with a beautiful prop, and some exposure for Calamity Bolt, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to make it sounds like a win-win to me!

Inverell and Guyra childrens photographer

You can find Calamity Bolt on Facebook, and see what’s in stock in the MadeIt store. For more info on the Armidale Baby Expo, being held in Armidale on September 17, 2011, your can visit their Facebook page as well.

I will be very sad to see these little chaps go home, I definately need to get one for my little people. Do you love hobby horses too?