an orchard, a ballgown and an idea…

So after Brahe’s maternity shoot, and another family portrait session (yet to be blogged), on a rainy Saturday a month or so ago, you’d think I’d be feeling confident and ready to embrace the rain that had threatened all morning. But we had something else in the works. We watched the sky anxiously, and as the clouds grew darker, we brought forward a shoot planned for that afternoon – a collaboration between myself, my wonderful makeup artist and stylist Jasmine and our favourite model Steph. The dress we’d procured from eBay hanging in the doorway, taunting us with the potential for all out efforts to be wasted. Then, magically, the sky cleared, and we all breathed a sigh of relief….only to worry again when the clouds gathered once more! Makeup complete, dress on and we hit the road. To be met by a roadblock. So around the long way we went, loosing precious dry moments. Arriving at the orchard, we quickly set to work, and had a blast creating some fun images, “just because”.

Thanks Jas and Steph, I had a great time working with you!

Debbie :: Portrait Session

I met up with Debbie on Monday to shoot some portraits, after she’d spent a lovely afternoon being pampered, having her hair & make-up done, and also having a stylist on hand to help her pick some great looks for her session.

We started at one of Inverell’s many lovely parks, and photographed some lovely relaxed, casual portraits.

Isn’t she beautiful?





After a quick trip back to the salon, I met a very glamourous Debie at our second location for some fashion-inspired portraits


This girl oozes style!


Debbie, I had a blast doing your portraits, I’ll be in touch soon with the rest of your photos.