Wild horses…

With two gorgeous Calamity Bolt fillies coming for a holiday, we had plenty of chances to create some beuatiful photos. The first shoot I’ve already blogged, and having waited to unveil the rest of the images at the Armidale Baby Expo way back in September, I haven’t had an opportunity to sit down and blog the rest, from the main shoot which was the original concept pitched!

These images really speak to my heart – not only is that my two beautiful boys having a blast playing with the horses, but these photos were shot in the same spot my husband and I had our wedding photos taken, very near the property I grew up on.

Thank you once again Elke, for entrusting me with your beautiful creations. For those who haven’t yet discovered the delightfulness that is Guyra-based Calamity Bolt, do yourself a favour and take a gander at the madeit store or the Facebook page.

I like big butts and I can not lie…

Big round cloth butts that is! To me, there is nothing cuter than a tiny babe with a cloth covered bottom. I’ve been a modern cloth nappy fan since our first son was born, and three children later, my stash has grown quite comprehesively!

One of my more recent stash additions is BubbaButts all-in-two snap in nappies. As well as being cute and good for the environment, these nappies also equal a lower carbon footprint for me, as they are made right here in Inverell! When Kristy first approached me about some promo shots, we were kicking around a few ideas for the shoot, and Kristy suggested a custom nappy. Which may just be the cutest butt I have ever seen…

And it even has a matching pinny!

The shoot also saw the launch of BubbaButts newest range, the SnazziButt…

And of course, we had a FunkiButt and a BareButt nappy to round out the range…

For more information on BubbaButts, head over to the Facebook page for all the latest news. You can also find BubbaButts at the Little Gems Baby and Childrens Markets in Inverell on August 13, and at the Armidale Baby Expo on September 17.

summerblossom concept shoot

A while back, I submitted a couple of concepts to a competition run by Summerblossom Handmade Accessories via their Facebook page. I was thrilled when a little email popped up informing me I’d been selected as one of the ten finalists.

After much postie-stalking, a gorgeous little package arrived in my mailbox. I slowly unwrapped the tissue paper, and there in my hand were two beautiful (and beautifully made) Summerblossom hair pins.

The last details pulled together, Steph and I headed out to our location, and we had a blast shooting some images for the competition. I hope you like these images as much as I do, and if you feel so inclined, I’d appreciate any “likes” or comments on my photo over at Summerblossom’s facbeook page – you can find my photo here.


I love a sunburnt country.

On a searing summer day, with an orange haze hovering in the sky, I slowly prepared for the afternoon’s session. An early morning phone call had brought the news that a bushfire had passed within around 5km of our location, and our subject had been out all night fighting the fire.

Text messages back and forth, a constant eye on the RFS website, and by 2pm, we decided we would go ahead. I jumped in the car, and headed for Bingara. The haze from the smoke hung low and heavy over the mountains. The further I drove from Inverell, the heavier the smoke got. I drove past scorched earth, covered with nothing but ash and blackened trees. Reaching my destination, I realised it was merely the colour that changed – from scorched earth covered in nothing but dust and a few spindles of dried grass. Like many areas in rural NSW, the drought is clinging on tenaciously around the Northern New England region, sucking any and all moisture from the ground.

As the heat beat down upon as, we blitzed through the shoot, creating images destined to become stock images in a commercial photo library, before dashing back to the shelter of the farmhouse, and a very cold glass of water. Never have I been so glad for air-conditioning, as I packed my bags and turned the car towards home.

This is the outlook from the farm where we were shooting between Bingara and Warialda.


And this landscape is a more personal image, shot closer to Delungra. This is an image for me, and my mum, shot very near the property she grew up on. It is alot more heavily processed than most of my images, but isn’t that what personal shots are all about?rmp-b2