leavin’, on a jet plane…

Now this I am excited about!! I’ve been talking about it for ages, and now, I’m locking it in and getting ready to pack my bags – it’s travel time! I will be photographing family portrait sessions in Adelaide in late 2012/early 2013. I’m just put the finishing touches on my exclusive Adelaide packages, so if you would like to be first in line to secure a spot when they are released later this week, drop me a line at rachel@rachelmeszaros.com.au.

With enough interest, I am looking at coming home via Melbourne, so if you are in Melbourne and interested in a session, let me know and I’ll add you to the waiting list!

I would also love to photograph a wedding in one of these gorgeous cities, so if you are planning a summer wedding in the southern cities, I’d love to hear from you!

Maddie :: {children’s portraits}

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with Haley and Tim in Inverell to photograph their beautiful baby girl Maddie. At 18 months, she was a great age for having her own little photoshoot, or so we thought! I think she had a fair idea of what we wanted, and she was determined to make us work for it! But when your job means hanging out with a little one this cute, I was happy to oblige!

Thanks for a lovely afternoon Haley and Tim, I hope you like your photos!

Flowers for mummy

ooo, what’s that up there?

Maddie loved the vintage child’s rocking chair I brought along…

Eventually we convinced her to sit in it

Aren’t these little tootsies just adorable?

And of course, then bunny had to have a turn!

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High Horses…

Having a bit of sticky beak at other stallholders at the upcoming Armidale Baby Expo (more on that later!), I came across the gorgeous handcrafted hobby horses made by Guyra-based business, Calamity Bolt. I was instantly in love. The beautiful details, the old-fashioned simplicity, I knew I wanted one. But when I got in touch with owner and artisan, Elke, it seemed that due to a few since-resolved supplier issues, she wouldn’t be able to make enough stock for the expo.

Which got me thinking. Clickity-click went the little cogs in my mind, and soon enough, a short little email was sent, and soon blossomed in vibrant reality. Two of the “stud” horses appeared on my front verandah for a holiday and a play, and playing we have been!

These images are from the first of two completed shoots I’ve done, and I have another one or two planned. They’ll be featuring on a new product I’ll be debuting at the Armidale Baby Expo. A new product, some beautiful images with a beautiful prop, and some exposure for Calamity Bolt, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to make it sounds like a win-win to me!

Inverell and Guyra childrens photographer

You can find Calamity Bolt on Facebook, and see what’s in stock in the MadeIt store. For more info on the Armidale Baby Expo, being held in Armidale on September 17, 2011, your can visit their Facebook page as well.

I will be very sad to see these little chaps go home, I definately need to get one for my little people. Do you love hobby horses too?

I see you, watching me, watching you…

Just before Christmas, I met up with a bunch of cute little people and their mum & dad to capture some family portraits. I wanted to do something fun, and being part way through a vintange camera Advent photo challenge, I brought along my little Brownie Starlet (circa 1950’s), and we had a play.


Sometime though, the best props are the spontaneous ones, like a piece of bark as a moustache. Smooth, little dude, very smooth.

And little mister watched the goings-on from his safe perch high up in daddy’s arms, wondering what all the fuss was about. Din;t you just want to smmoch those gorgeous little cheeks!

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From white Christmas to…

With a last wave to my two little boys and my husband holding our tiny baby daughter, I headed out of town to meet a very sweet little family who have not long returned from a 3.5 year stint in Canada. The brief for the session was “something rural” to show the folks in Canada. With all the rain we’ve been having, it was a beautiful sight to see the recently brown paddocks turned a glorious green.

I just wanted to share a couple of my favourites from our session…

Big cuddles!

Quite often, my favourite images are the little moments, unposed, unscripted, unrehearsed.

A quiet moment between a mummy and her little boy.

January in review

One whole month into my Project 365, and I’m having so much fun! I thought to mark the occassion, I might share three of my favourites, as well as the three images of the month that have been the most popular in my 365 group.

My favourites:

day fifteen


day seventeen


day six


And my most popular photos as decided my my photography group.

day fourteen


day twenty-two


day twenty-one


A whole month down! I can’t believe how quickly this year is going already. 1/12th of the way through my project… I’m excited for what is coming!


A new year means new ideas, new projects, new challenges. And for 2010, I’m rolling all three into one, and attempting a Project365. A what? A Project365 is a challenge that involves taking a photo every day for an entire year. To keep me accountable, I’ve started a new blog for my Project365 and other personal projects, called {explore} and is updated daily. I will also be posting a selection of my favourites here on a (hopefully) weekly basis.

This week’s favourites:
day six :: mummy’s little helper

day eight :: daydreaming

day ten :: playing at creche

black & white film :: {explore} texture

black & white film :: {explore} relationships

A new chapter…

A new baby is always exciting, be they a first baby or a fifth. There is something about the innocence, the freshness, the potential of these new little people that never ceases to amaze me. And there is a special joy in photographing a mother expecting a younger sibling for their children – seeing the excitement on the children’s faces, the shy pride as they let me in on the secret that mummy has a baby in her tummy.


On Saturday, I had the pleasure of shooting some maternity portraits for Megan, and little Miss Two wasn’t quite sure of me at first, but it didn’t take long and she was posing for the camera like  pro!


(as a side note, it’s a good idea to take the camera off high speed action mode before inviting the two year old to “press that button there” – let’s just say it’s a good thing I wasn’t shooting with my film camera!)


Megan has a cute little “basketball” belly – so neat and round!



Big sister showing me where baby is – just in case I wasn’t sure!







Thanks for having me around Megan, I look forward to meeting the little person hiding in there in a few weeks!