Simon & Kim {wedding}

I’d been watching the weather reports, and as I set off toward Moree on a January morning, the sky to the west looked threatening. I’d not long left Inverell, before the rain started. Large round raindrops, beating out a cacophonous tune against my windscreen. My heart sank for Kim and Simon, preparing to marry in Moree. While the ceremony and reception were indoors, we’d discussed the photos, and they’d hoped for some outdoor shots. But to my surprise, by the time I’d reached Delungra, the rain had cleared, and the cloud cover, while still very obviously there, was high and wispy. I reached Moree, and the weather appeared to be on our side. I checked into my motel, and headed off in search of the girls, where I hung out for an hour or so as they began their final preparations for the ceremony. With everyone dressed, and the bridal portraits complete, I bid them farewell, and went to catch up with the groom and his entourage, busy greeting guests at the Max Centre. Before long, 2.30 arrived, and Kim walked down the aisle, pausing briefly as friends handed her flowers, and then, slightly longer, as her mother helped her tie the final ribbon on the bouquet, to bind the flowers together. She stepped forward, her father placed her hand in Simon’s, and the ceremony began.


A ceremony filled with love and faith and hope. Kim’s father sang with his choir. The musicians were close friends of Simon & Kim. Prayers were offered by family members. And the room was full to overflowing with friends and family brought together by the love of two people, starting their journey together with a wonderfully Christ-centred celebration.


We got the outdoor photos we planned. We returned to the reception at the Moree Town Hall to do family photos, and watched nervously as the grey bands on the horizon thickened. Not one but three storms were converging from different directions. One last shot of the bridal party, and as they headed inside, a clap of thunder split through the air, and the storm opened up.


A boy and a girl, who love each other, and who love God. Uplifting, encouraging, joyful. Simon and Kim, it was an honour. Thank you.



For a pretty slideshow, complete with music, click here. Photos also on Facebook, please feel free to tag yourself!


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