Anna & Anthony {Moree wedding}

I can’t think of a better way to get back into blogging my recent session, than with Anna & Anthony’s beautiful wedding. If you don’t follow me on Facebook, you may have missed their gorgeous farm engagement session back in June. Earlier this month, Moree turned on it’s best weather for my first wedding for the 2015/16 season.  I knew it was going to be an awesome day when I walked into the motel and discovered Anna is a girl after my own Austen-loving heart:

moree wedding details


I love personal touches in weddings, and they don’t come much sweeter than this addition to Anna’s bouquet – her “something blue”, a beautiful ring gifted by her soon-to-be-mother-in-law stitched onto her bouquet:bouquet of flowers - Moree wedding
Moree bride

By “beat weathr”, of course, I mean stinking hot, as only Moree can be in October. It could have been worse though – while I was dressed in dark colours, I did have short sleeves, unlike these dapper gentlemen I found when I arrived at St Xavier’s Catholic Church:Moree groom and grromsmen outside St Xaviers Catholic Church


After the ceremony we headed back to the same location we shot their engagement photos, and revisited some favourite spots:blog-6921-007-2edit

crooble wedding photograhy


And found some new ones as well:
moree couple wedding engagement photos
inverell wedding photographer with moree bridal party

Before heading back into town and hit the Max Centre for the reception:
wedding at Max Centre Moreeq

Congratulations Anthony & Anna, it was such a pleasure to be a part of your special day.


Lauren & Jared {wedding}

A quick little snippet from Lauren and Jared’s beautiful wedding a couple of weeks back. Aren’t they adorable?

Simon & Kim {wedding}

I’d been watching the weather reports, and as I set off toward Moree on a January morning, the sky to the west looked threatening. I’d not long left Inverell, before the rain started. Large round raindrops, beating out a cacophonous tune against my windscreen. My heart sank for Kim and Simon, preparing to marry in Moree. While the ceremony and reception were indoors, we’d discussed the photos, and they’d hoped for some outdoor shots. But to my surprise, by the time I’d reached Delungra, the rain had cleared, and the cloud cover, while still very obviously there, was high and wispy. I reached Moree, and the weather appeared to be on our side. I checked into my motel, and headed off in search of the girls, where I hung out for an hour or so as they began their final preparations for the ceremony. With everyone dressed, and the bridal portraits complete, I bid them farewell, and went to catch up with the groom and his entourage, busy greeting guests at the Max Centre. Before long, 2.30 arrived, and Kim walked down the aisle, pausing briefly as friends handed her flowers, and then, slightly longer, as her mother helped her tie the final ribbon on the bouquet, to bind the flowers together. She stepped forward, her father placed her hand in Simon’s, and the ceremony began.


A ceremony filled with love and faith and hope. Kim’s father sang with his choir. The musicians were close friends of Simon & Kim. Prayers were offered by family members. And the room was full to overflowing with friends and family brought together by the love of two people, starting their journey together with a wonderfully Christ-centred celebration.


We got the outdoor photos we planned. We returned to the reception at the Moree Town Hall to do family photos, and watched nervously as the grey bands on the horizon thickened. Not one but three storms were converging from different directions. One last shot of the bridal party, and as they headed inside, a clap of thunder split through the air, and the storm opened up.


A boy and a girl, who love each other, and who love God. Uplifting, encouraging, joyful. Simon and Kim, it was an honour. Thank you.



For a pretty slideshow, complete with music, click here. Photos also on Facebook, please feel free to tag yourself!


Erin & Pat :: {wedding}

There was a busy calm filling the bride’s house, as we gathered and preparations began to turn a young girl in love, into a bride. My assistant and I waited outside as she wiggled into her dress, and then the fun began. We started with some casual portraits of the bride and her attendants, complete with a photo-bombing four legged family member. Behind me, I saw a red clad friend of Erin’s pause as I bent down to grab the shot I saw in my mind, and as I straightened, I heard a familiar voice greet me by name. I turned and looked again, and was startled to see a friend from mothers group in Inverell. A bride from Brisbane, being married in her home town of Armidale, and we had a mutual friend. Funny how small the world can be at times.


Not long after, we headed to St Mary & Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral to catch up with Pat, and wait for his beautiful bride. After a lovely ceremony, we emerged from the church to the peel of church bells, thanks to another wedding at the Anglican Cathedral just across the road. With photos around the lawns of Armidale’s UNE complete, we released the couple for some down time with the bridal party, before they rejoined the reception, held at Booloominbah, also at UNE. Despite only a distance of around 130km, I always forget how much colder Armidale can be, and now know that even a December wedding isn’t a guarantee of not needing a jacket in the evening. It must have been a shock for those who travelled from Far North Queensland…it was bad enough coming from Inverell!


These are a few of my favourites from the day – click on an image to see it larger (a slideshow is also available for veiwing at ). Erin and Pat, congratulations again, thanks so much for having us.


Lisa & Tim :: {wedding}

Lisa is from England, Tim, from Inverell. So with family on opposites sides of the world, they decided to have two weddings, and I was lucky enough to be there to photograph their Australian ceremony. A flower-draped tea-length dress, gingham table runners with flowers in jam jars, a choreographed first dance, and a dress-up photo booth, their wedding oozed personality. I first caught up with Lisa and her lovely sister-in-law/bridesmaid Laura (better know to you Inverell locals as Miss Laura of Craze Dance Academy fame!), as they put the finishing touches on their preparations. A few beautiful bridal portraits, and then we left the girls to gather their thoughts as we headed to the Inverell Salavation Army hall for the lovely ceremony, before all the guests piled onto a bus to the Pioneer Village. And what a great spot for a party, and plenty of photo opportunities! Congratulations Tim & Lisa, and thank you for having me be part of your day.


You can also find Lisa and Tim’s photos on Facebook, and a slideshow on Vimeo.






Simon & Kim :: {engagement}

With the harvest complete, Kim and Simon were ready to hit the road and make the long trek from Kim’s hometown of Moree, to Wagga, where they now live. We’d been back and forth trying to get a time that worked for me to head out to Moree, but instead we decided to shoot their engagement session in Inverell. I’m really looking forward to photographing their wedding in Moree in January, they are such a sweet couple, and I am bursting with ideas for their photos!


Simon & Kim, it was lovely to catch up with you, enjoy your sneak peek!


Thia & Pete :: {wedding}

Cloudy, sunny, cloudy, sunny… The weather kept us guessing the whole way out to Moree, where we met the beautiful Lethia and her bridesmaids as they prepared for the ceremony. A whrlwind of activity, and everyone was dressed as we once more hit the road for the drive out to Garah. We caught up with Peter and the guys as they waited for the arrival of the bridal cars, before heading inside the church and watching as Lethia walked down the aisle on the arm of her very proud father. In the blink of an eye, the lovely ceremony was over, and we gathered outside for the family photos, with one eye cast skyward as the grey clouds threatened rain. As we loaded ourselves back in the car, and waited for the bridal party to lead the way to our location shoot, the first spots appeared on the windscreen. By the time we crossed the train tracks and left Garah behind us, the rain was pouring down. A few quick adjustments, and we found a nice dry spot to start the photos. Then as quickly as it came, the rain disappeared, and teh clouds gave way to bautiful blue sky.


They say it’s good luck to have rain on your wedding day, though I’m sure this gorgeous pair won’t need it! Congratulations guys, it was a pleasure to hang out with you and be a part of your special day.




To veiw a slideshow from Peter & Lethia’s wedding, click here. And if you haven’t been over to the Facebook page, you might have missed the teaser images not included in this post.

Logan and Katrina :: {wedding}

As the talented girls from “Beauty Matters” in Moree wove their magic, we all kept an anxious eye on the grey sky. The clouds slowly lightened as the day wore on, and the rain held off just long enough for the ceremony, held in a gumtree-ringed clearing on Logan and Katrina’s property, to be completed. As we assembled for family photos, the first sprinkles of rain fell. Quickly piling in cars and headed out to the location shoot, the rain stopped, and within twenty minutes, we had the first peek of blue. With the photos complete, we arrived back at the reception location in time for a glorious sunset, followed by a sky filled with stars for a beautiful evening. The yard was lit with candles and lanterns, there were boules and quoits to play, the tables were beautifully decorated with a collection of bush-themed vases created by the talented bride. The whole wedding was perfectly put together – a testament to the hard work behind the scenes over the weeks and months leading up to the wedding.

These are a few of my favourites from the day. I hope you enjoy them, and feel free to leave a comment for the lovely bride and groom!



moree wedding photographer
Gravesend wedding photographer
Gravesend wedding

Inverell wedding photographer

farm wedding photos

Logan and Katrina {slideshow}

I woke at 2am to the sound of rain gently tapping on the roof above me. At 6, the soft grey light of morning filtering through the curtains was dulled by cloud, and the tapping continued. With my bags packed, an umbrella included, I turned up the CD player and headed toward Gravesend, watching the skies all the while. As I came through Delungra, a hint of blue was peeking through in the distance. The road was dry by Warialda. Though the sky remained cloudy, the outdoor ceremony went off without a hitch, and just as the ceremony ended, a light drizzle started. We managed to get through the family photos, and the rain started to get a bit heavier. And yet, just 5 minutes later, it was gone, and soon enough, the clouds parted and we were surrounded by blue skies, and later, partied under a star-lit sky.

Congratulations Logan and Katrina. Your wedding was absolutely beautiful, and it was a joy to be a part of it.


{photos also for veiwing over on my facebook page, full blog post to come.}