Emma and Josh {engaged}

On a cool autumn afternoon, I grabbed my thickest jacket, and made the trek to Armidale to catch up with Emma and Josh to scope out their locations for their November wedding. And aside from me having a blonde moment, and calling Emma, Amie, we had a great time exploring the grounds of Saumarez Homestead and shooting some engagement photos.


Paige {year 12}

The final stop on the year 12 mini session blogging list is Paige. A huge thank you these four beautiful girls for coming along for a mini session. These sessions are a great way to get some relaxed portraits before the end of school and heading out into the big wide world – for many, it may be the last professional photo session until they marry! If you or someone you know is interested, drop me a line for more info – rachel{at}rachelmeszaros.com.au



Annie-Jane {year 12 2012}

I had the chance to meet up with an awesome group of girls a few weeks back for the first round of year 12 mini-sessions for 2012, and we played around with some fun locations and ideas. I’m finally getting around to blogging them! This first set is from Annie Jane’s session, where we had fun incorporating her love of ballet into the shoot.


More to come soon! {waiting list is now open for May/June mini sessions – for more information, email rachel@rachelmeszaros.com.au}

Violet :: {newborn}

A tiny bundle, wrapped in a white towel, nestled in daddy’s arms, greeted me at the door as I begin unloading the various bags and props for Violet’s newborn portraits. Only nine days old, and it’s clear that she has her mummy and daddy very firmly around her little finger. And I can’t say I blame them… Miss V is just adorable! A few of my favourites – (more over on the Facebook page)


Simon & Kim :: {engagement}

With the harvest complete, Kim and Simon were ready to hit the road and make the long trek from Kim’s hometown of Moree, to Wagga, where they now live. We’d been back and forth trying to get a time that worked for me to head out to Moree, but instead we decided to shoot their engagement session in Inverell. I’m really looking forward to photographing their wedding in Moree in January, they are such a sweet couple, and I am bursting with ideas for their photos!


Simon & Kim, it was lovely to catch up with you, enjoy your sneak peek!


an orchard, a ballgown and an idea…

So after Brahe’s maternity shoot, and another family portrait session (yet to be blogged), on a rainy Saturday a month or so ago, you’d think I’d be feeling confident and ready to embrace the rain that had threatened all morning. But we had something else in the works. We watched the sky anxiously, and as the clouds grew darker, we brought forward a shoot planned for that afternoon – a collaboration between myself, my wonderful makeup artist and stylist Jasmine and our favourite model Steph. The dress we’d procured from eBay hanging in the doorway, taunting us with the potential for all out efforts to be wasted. Then, magically, the sky cleared, and we all breathed a sigh of relief….only to worry again when the clouds gathered once more! Makeup complete, dress on and we hit the road. To be met by a roadblock. So around the long way we went, loosing precious dry moments. Arriving at the orchard, we quickly set to work, and had a blast creating some fun images, “just because”.

Thanks Jas and Steph, I had a great time working with you!

Brahe :: {maternity}

The first of three sessions scheduled last Saturday, Brahe’s maternity session was one of those “watch the sky and hold your breath” type of shoots. Rain had been predicted for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and when Friday afternoon was still dry and blue-skyed, I was sure we’d gotten away with it. Well, that was, until I woke at 3am Saturday morning to hear the roof being pummelled with rain. But thankfully, by morning it had stopped, and our session was able to go ahead. Somewhat damp, but still. And we even had a few brief sightings of blue sky!


Inverell maternity photographer

Maddie :: {children’s portraits}

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with Haley and Tim in Inverell to photograph their beautiful baby girl Maddie. At 18 months, she was a great age for having her own little photoshoot, or so we thought! I think she had a fair idea of what we wanted, and she was determined to make us work for it! But when your job means hanging out with a little one this cute, I was happy to oblige!

Thanks for a lovely afternoon Haley and Tim, I hope you like your photos!

Flowers for mummy

ooo, what’s that up there?

Maddie loved the vintage child’s rocking chair I brought along…

Eventually we convinced her to sit in it

Aren’t these little tootsies just adorable?

And of course, then bunny had to have a turn!

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