an orchard, a ballgown and an idea…

So after Brahe’s maternity shoot, and another family portrait session (yet to be blogged), on a rainy Saturday a month or so ago, you’d think I’d be feeling confident and ready to embrace the rain that had threatened all morning. But we had something else in the works. We watched the sky anxiously, and as the clouds grew darker, we brought forward a shoot planned for that afternoon – a collaboration between myself, my wonderful makeup artist and stylist Jasmine and our favourite model Steph. The dress we’d procured from eBay hanging in the doorway, taunting us with the potential for all out efforts to be wasted. Then, magically, the sky cleared, and we all breathed a sigh of relief….only to worry again when the clouds gathered once more! Makeup complete, dress on and we hit the road. To be met by a roadblock. So around the long way we went, loosing precious dry moments. Arriving at the orchard, we quickly set to work, and had a blast creating some fun images, “just because”.

Thanks Jas and Steph, I had a great time working with you!

High Horses…

Having a bit of sticky beak at other stallholders at the upcoming Armidale Baby Expo (more on that later!), I came across the gorgeous handcrafted hobby horses made by Guyra-based business, Calamity Bolt. I was instantly in love. The beautiful details, the old-fashioned simplicity, I knew I wanted one. But when I got in touch with owner and artisan, Elke, it seemed that due to a few since-resolved supplier issues, she wouldn’t be able to make enough stock for the expo.

Which got me thinking. Clickity-click went the little cogs in my mind, and soon enough, a short little email was sent, and soon blossomed in vibrant reality. Two of the “stud” horses appeared on my front verandah for a holiday and a play, and playing we have been!

These images are from the first of two completed shoots I’ve done, and I have another one or two planned. They’ll be featuring on a new product I’ll be debuting at the Armidale Baby Expo. A new product, some beautiful images with a beautiful prop, and some exposure for Calamity Bolt, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to make it sounds like a win-win to me!

Inverell and Guyra childrens photographer

You can find Calamity Bolt on Facebook, and see what’s in stock in the MadeIt store. For more info on the Armidale Baby Expo, being held in Armidale on September 17, 2011, your can visit their Facebook page as well.

I will be very sad to see these little chaps go home, I definately need to get one for my little people. Do you love hobby horses too?

summerblossom concept shoot

A while back, I submitted a couple of concepts to a competition run by Summerblossom Handmade Accessories via their Facebook page. I was thrilled when a little email popped up informing me I’d been selected as one of the ten finalists.

After much postie-stalking, a gorgeous little package arrived in my mailbox. I slowly unwrapped the tissue paper, and there in my hand were two beautiful (and beautifully made) Summerblossom hair pins.

The last details pulled together, Steph and I headed out to our location, and we had a blast shooting some images for the competition. I hope you like these images as much as I do, and if you feel so inclined, I’d appreciate any “likes” or comments on my photo over at Summerblossom’s facbeook page – you can find my photo here.


rural bridal shoot

I first met Jasmine a couple of years back, shooting her year12 mini-session. Thanks to the wonder that is Facebook, we kept in touch, and late last year, she qualified as a make-up artist. One thing led to another, and when she was home recently, we collaborated on a couple of shoots.

The second shoot we did was a Thursday evening. Danielle and I headed out to Jasmine’s place, and commented on the storn hovering to the east. Never fear, said I, storms around here come from the west. It won’t worry us.

I watched Jasmine work her magic, helped Danielle step into the dress… and we felt the first spit of rain. oh. So it seems storms can come from the east after all! But we worked quickly, and managed to wrap up before the sky opened.

Make-up and hair by Jasmine Anderson.

Cake by Kate Owen of Cake Crumbs {0428 363 450}



Jasmine did a great job on hair and make-upbridal8bridal9

How cute are Danielle’s red shoes playing peek-a-boo?

And of course, how could we not feature the gorgeous cake in a couple of shots of it’s own? Kate did a great job, and the cake certianly lived up to Cake Crumbs promise of “delectable cakes made to order”… auch a wonderful mud cake.


January in review

One whole month into my Project 365, and I’m having so much fun! I thought to mark the occassion, I might share three of my favourites, as well as the three images of the month that have been the most popular in my 365 group.

My favourites:

day fifteen


day seventeen


day six


And my most popular photos as decided my my photography group.

day fourteen


day twenty-two


day twenty-one


A whole month down! I can’t believe how quickly this year is going already. 1/12th of the way through my project… I’m excited for what is coming!

three from fifty-two.

Wow. Mid-January already! This year is just going to fly. I am working on a couple of shoots that I have yet to blog, one which I can show in the next week or so, and another which is still in progress. What I can show you though, is a few snippets of my Project 365, now three weeks in. A few favourites from this week:

day twelve.

day seventeen


day fifteen


day twenty

More photos of the week that was, along with my daily ramblings and other personal photographic projects can be found over on the personal blog at


A new year means new ideas, new projects, new challenges. And for 2010, I’m rolling all three into one, and attempting a Project365. A what? A Project365 is a challenge that involves taking a photo every day for an entire year. To keep me accountable, I’ve started a new blog for my Project365 and other personal projects, called {explore} and is updated daily. I will also be posting a selection of my favourites here on a (hopefully) weekly basis.

This week’s favourites:
day six :: mummy’s little helper

day eight :: daydreaming

day ten :: playing at creche

black & white film :: {explore} texture

black & white film :: {explore} relationships

My life in pictures…

Things have been kind of hectic around here lately. Besides the annual preschool photo merry-go-round, I’ve been keeping busy with…


More year 12 mini-sessions

inverell year 12 students


… our littlest boy has turned one

natural inverell child photography


… we had a mini-break in Brisbane (photo along the Brisbane River in Kangaroo Point)

relaxed child photography


…and our big boy started preschool *sob*